Say Cheese! Lakers Center Andre Drummond Has an EXPENSIVE New Smile

It’s no secret that athletes get paid well for their work. Then again, the countless hours of practice and training arguably justify handsome salaries. For some, you could really make a case that they have more money than they know what to do with. Add Los Angeles Lakers big man Andre Drummond to my list.


TMZ Sports reported that Drummond got his hands on a custom-made, sparkling new grill just after joining the Lakers. The motivation for such an acquisition? Drummond reportedly wanted his smile to be seen from miles away.

Specifics on the price Drummond paid for his new pair of teeth are unknown. However, it is estimated that a grill of Drummond’s caliber would cost at least $20,000. Guess it’s worth it when you’re career earnings are a whole lot higher than that.

The process of obtaining his shiny new grill began when Drummond was still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Atlanta-based AP the Jeweler, who is no stranger to making grills for NBA stars (see LaMelo Ball), got a molding from Drummond in February to begin the project.

Drummond’s new chompers are reported to contain 10 carats of WS diamonds in a honeycomb set. Fancy fancy!

It sure seems accurate to say that Drummond accomplished his objective. I don’t see that smile sneaking up on anyone any time soon.

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