Keyshawn Johnson Says There’s No Difference Between Russell Wilson and Geno Smith: ‘It’s the Same Thing’

Shots fired from Keyshawn Johnson.

Seattle Seahawks starter Geno Smith has performed well above expectations so far this season, and Geno had one of his best game of the season on Sunday, leading his team’s offense to 48 points and a win over the Detroit Lions. The man he replaced, meanwhile, is struggling to get his team going in Denver. Russell Wilson’s Broncos are 2-2 and they easily could be winless, all things considered. Geno Smith is outperforming Russell Wilson statistically and people are starting to notice that Geno isn’t really that much of a downgrade.

Keyshawn Johnson spoke on the subject during Keyshawn, JWill, & Max this morning and said there’s really no difference between the two quarterbacks when it comes to the Seahawks.

Listen to Key below:

Hard to argue with Keyshawn’s take at this point of the season. The Seahawks are winning games pretty much the same way they did with Wilson. It feels like it’s more about Pete Carroll’ gameplan, a strong run game and a stingy defense featuring a quarterback who can make the throws when asked, but the whole system isn’t reliant on the QB.  I don’t think anyone is considering the Seahawks a Super Bowl contender, but they haven’t been the last few years either, even with Russ under center.

It does feel like the Seahawks are getting similar production without all the ego.

The disrespect of Russell Wilson continues.  Let’s ride!

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