Andrew Luck’s Wife’s Leaked Texts Leads to Rumor He’s Returning to the Colts

Did Andrew Luck’s Wife text about her husband returning? Former Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck hung it up prematurely, he lost his love for football. Injuries piled up, and Luck just wasn’t feeling like putting his body through anymore football. Recently Jim Irsay spoke about Luck returning, and he openly admitted he’d welcome him with open arms. Now there’s some chatter that Luck may be on the verge of returning. There’s some screenshots of texts that have been circulating, pointing to Luck’s desire to return.

The texts are allegedly from his wife Nicole.


See below:


Here are the screenshots the tweet is referring to:

Twitter reacted to the news:

If Luck is actually contemplating returning, the Colts will instantly be the favorite in the NFC.

A healthy Andrew Luck is as good as it gets. Hopefully he can come back and play again, the NFL needs great QB play.

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