Kevin Durant Being Linked To Bulls Following DeMar DeRozan Tweet

Will Kevin Durant join James Harden in leaving the Brooklyn Nets?

Not now, but perhaps he’s already thinking in the back of his mind where his next destination may be. And right now, the Bulls look like as good of an up-and-coming destination as there is around the NBA.

Prior to the All-Star break, Bulls star DeMar DeRozan broke Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most games in a row with over 35 points, while also shooting 50% from the field.

Shortly after his monster performance against the Kings on Wednesday night, Kevin Durant joined the masses on social media in tipping his cap to DeMar DeRozan.

After Kevin Durant posted his message to DeMar DeRozan, fans became convinced that KD would join the Bulls at some point in the future.

Kevin Durant’s contract with the Brooklyn Nets isn’t set to expire until the 2026 season. But after James Harden was traded to the 76ers last week, he’s now paired with Kyrie Irving (when he’s available) and Ben Simmons, who hasn’t played since refusing to take the court with the Sixers this season.

So, perhaps the Nets will unravel in the coming years, and be forced to tear down what was once a clear superteam.

Don’t count out the possibility of Kevin Durant joining DeMar DeRozan in Chicago. After all, NBA players basically get to pick their own trades in this day-in-age.

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