Kelly Stafford Reveals Message She Wrote For Matthew Ahead Of Super Bowl 56

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, has been all over headlines since the Rams won the Super Bowl last weekend.

She has been chronicling the party ever since, and also lashed out at veteran defender, Richard Sherman, after he said Matthew was not good enough to make the Hall of Fame.

On Thursday, a wholesome letter sent from Kelly Stafford to Matthew Stafford was revealed during an appearance the longtime wife made on the Today show.

“It was just how much I thought he truly deserved this, and why I thought he deserved it,” she told TODAY Wednesday. “The most important thing at the end of the day is that we all have each other.

“And win or lose — obviously, a win’s always better — but that’s what’s important in life. And he knows that, but just to reiterate it through a letter and know how proud I am of him and, you know, that we’ll be waiting for him after the game no matter what.”

Kelly and Matthew Stafford have been together since they both attended Georgia University. And she remains by his side through the ups and downs of their lives — including when she was diagnosed with a Brian tumor in 2019

The couple share four kids together, who were all in attendance to celebrate the Super Bowl 56 victory.

Cheers to Matthew and Kelly Stafford. Time to celebrate.

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