Kevin Durant Fires Back After Being Trolled Over His ‘Ashy’ Legs

Kevin Durant has one of the more obsessive social media presences of any athlete in the sports world today.

So when he was getting trashed over his extremely dry legs earlier in the week, you knew he was seeing it.

Fans all over took to social media after a nasty camera shot showed some brutal looking skin showing through Kevin Durant’s socks.


Of course, Kevin Durant logged on Twitter after seeing all the trolling going on. And he offered his response.

Kevin Durant is certainly not afraid to go at any fans on the web who want to come at him. And he opted for the classic, “I’m rich” argument after his ashy legs were the talk of NBA Twitter on Monday night.

KD currently leads the NBA in scoring. And will hope to get Kyrie back at some point this season if he’s hoping to win a ring over there in Brooklyn.

As for those legs, I think it’s time for KD to invest in a bottle of lotion.

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