Reports Indicate The Cause Of Death Following The News That Former MLB Shortstop Julio Lugo Has Passed Away

The MLB community is mourning on Monday morning after it was announced that longtime middle infielder, Julio Lugo, has passed away at 45-years-old.


As many fans, former players, and members of the media were taking to social media to share their condolences, it was reported that Julio Lugo had died from a heart attack.

While many conspiracy theorists were quick to question whether or not Julio Lugo had received the COVID vaccine prior to his untimely death, there is currently no indication that it was a factor in the death.

During his 12-year MLB career, Lugo slashed .269/.333/.384. He was a member of the Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Championship team.

RIP Julio Lugo. You will be missed.

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