Bart Scott Lobbies With Josh Allen To Take Viagra Before The Playoff Game Against The Pats

The weather is set to be a big storyline this weekend when Josh Allen and the Bills take on the division rival Patriots in the Wild Card Round.

For now, the temperatures are supposed to be freezing cold in Buffalo. And we might even get a playoff snow game.


With his being the case, ESPN’s Bart Scott has some advice for the Bills quarterback – take Viagra.

“Josh Allen listening? Can people get this message to him? Vi-a-gra. Take a viagra before the game, baby.”

Fans reacted to Bart Scott’s bizarre plea for Josh Allen.

Bart Scott would go on to say that back in his day, many players took Viagra to help them deal with cold weather games. And I guess it helps keep the body warm and fresh.

Josh Allen has been the quarterback in Buffalo for long enough now where I’m sure he has his own methods for dealing with cold, snow, sleet, rain, etc.

Perhaps one day Buffalo will build a dome. But for now, Josh Allen will have to deal with all the wild tricks to stay warm in ridiculously cold playoff games.

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