Colin Cowherd Rips Boomer Esiason For Saying Mac Jones Should Have Been #1 Overall Pick

Normally we’re lamenting a bad take from Colin Cowherd. But after Boomer Esiason went out on a limb to say that Mac Jones would have been the #1 overall pick if there was a re-draft today, it was Cowherd who was calling out the rough take.


On “The Herd” today, Colin Cowherd used one of his patented analogies to describe how Boomer Esiason was wrong about his Mac Jones take.

“Mac Jones is managing a beautiful Mercedes. He’s just not running it into a tree,” he said.

Colin Cowherd would go on to say that if Trevor Lawrence was the quarterback of the Patriots, he would have better success than Mac Jones.

In Boomer Esiason’s defense, Jones has definitely been the most successful rookie quarterback through the first two games of the NFL season.

In 69 pass attempts, Mac Jones has thrown zero interceptions, and has an impressive completion percentage of 73.9 with the patriots offense. If it weren’t for a Damien Harris fumble late in week one, he’d likely be heading into week three with a 2-0 football team.

It’s hard to argue that the Patriots didn’t get “their guy” with Mac Jones. But I’m with Colin Cowherd here, his upside is still less than a couple other rookie quarterbacks around the league.

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