Kevin Durant Explains Why Celtics Fans Are Hating On Kyrie Irving

KD knows why Celtics fans are hating on Kyrie so much.

Kyrie Irving was fined $50,000 for giving fans in Boston the middle finger on Sunday, the NBA announced. Irving used the middle finger to respond to words he heard from fans in the stands. There were multiple incidents in which he gave fans the middle finger, as well as a back-and-forth that took place after the game.


Irving has had a contentious relationship with fans in Boston ever since he left the team in the 2019 offseason. Kevin Durant was asked what it is like to play in front of an entire arena of people who despise you. He then tried to explain why they hate on Kyrie so much.

“It’s rooted in love. They once loved you. They once cheered for you and bought your merchandise,” Durant said. “Life-altering experiences come at the games watching you play. When that gets ripped from them from something like a trade or wanting to leave, they feel like a piece of them is gone, too.

“There’s an emotional attachment that they have to professional sports. That’s a gift and a curse, having a team in your city where you grew up. That shows that people care and people have emotions and really respect and admire who we are as individuals. Sometimes it gets a little dark and deep, but that’s just how the human brain works.”

Call me crazy but I think Celtics fans hate Kyrie because he directly lied to them.

He literally confirmed to them he’d be back.

Kyrie lied to his teammates, coaches and the fans. That’s probably the reason, no?

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