Rams Fan Seriously Injured While Attending Super Bowl LVI

Fans have been getting hurt all season long, now we have another incident at a sporting event.

A Los Angeles Rams fan is currently recovering after a trip to SoFi Stadium.

Lita Abella was excited about going to the Super Bowl on Sunday. She spent nearly $9,000 to go to the big game with her son. Now, she’s having issues walking.

Abella says she was in her seat when she was hit from behind during the third quarter of the game.

“I don’t know what hit me – a body, an object – I don’t know. Something hit me so hard that all I remember is it felt like I flew down.”

She says her face hit the seats in front of her and she blacked out. She woke up on the floor.

“I put two hands up to my face because I’m like my head, it’s exploding and then I was just drenched in blood.”

Watch the report below:

The Inglewood Police Department is investigating and issued a statement, which says in part:

“There was no ‘human avalanche’ within section 522 the night of the Super Bowl and unfortunately Mrs. Abella was the only person who fell in that section and suffered an injury. An unfortunate incident which was not the result of a physical assault or a ‘human avalanche’.”

There is so much going on at any moment at a football game, who knows what actually happened.

According to Doctors her rehabilitation will likely take months.

You hate to see it.

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