Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Reacts To His Message Defending Their Relationship

Welcome to the Social Media age.

Kansas City Chiefs superstar QB Patrick Mahomes responded to the criticism of his relationship with fiancée, Brittany Matthews. It all started when it appeared as if the couple were having an argument on national TV during a Texas Tech basketball game.


“Poor Patrick. Have to feel for the guy,” the viral tweet reads, which was shared by tens of thousands of people, it was a big hit to say the least.

The video appeared to show the couple having a disagreement over something along those lines.

You can see the argument here:

Mahomes didn’t wait long to come to the defense of his fiancée, who also happens to be the mother of his daughter.

“Man people are weird… love you babe,” the star quarterback said. A few hours later, Matthews returned the message with a simple “I love you,” accompanied by a couple of emojis.

As long as their relationship works for them, who are we to tell Patrick to find another woman.

Although she does seem pretty damn annoying.

To each his own.

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