Internet Reacts To Dana White’s Tweet Of Chris Weidman’s Leg

Dana White tweeted out a gruesome video of Chris Weidman’s leg injury after the fight. The caption read; “The first fighter in UFC history to win without a single strike thrown” in reference to Uriah Hall’s win over Weidman.


Weidman threw a hard leg kick that was checked by Hall in the opening seconds of the fight which shattered Weidman’s leg. The injury was as nasty as it gets. Very reminiscent of Anderson Silva’s devastating leg injury.

The whole tweet with video is below (I feel like I need to put a visual warning below; it’s gross. Seriously. Watch at your own discretion)

I watched the fights last night and will admit, I screamed when it happened. There is nothing pleasant to see when someone snaps their leg. It brought me back to when I watched NBA’s Gordon Hayward snap his ankle/shin in the season opener.

Social media was not taking well to White’s tweet. Many would have much rather put that image out of their mind, but instead White decided to put it on display for the world to see, over, and over, and over again.

The UFC and MMA community is wishing Chris Weidman speedy recovery, but it is hard to imagine seeing him in the ring anymore as he turns 37 later this year and this is not just any broken bone.

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