Insane UFC 261 Parlay Cashes Thanks To Usman KO

There are sports betting parlays and then there are SPORTS BETTING PARLAYS. These guys put together one of the latter. Four plus-money props combined into one insane UFC 261 parlay bet with +8768 odds.

They showed their metal to boot, dropping a solid $150 on the four-leg parlay. There’s no way that’ll hit right?


Shame on you for doubting!!

That right there is what it looks like when $150 instantly becomes $13,300. UNREAL!!

Kamaru Usman’s knockout of Jorge Masvidal in Round 2 officially secured the cash for these guys after the first three legs of their insane UFC 261 parlay hit earlier in the night.

The fact that not a single one of the wagers they included was a favored outcome on its own makes this parlay all the more incredible.

Let’s break this ticket down from start to finish.

Leg 1: Uriah Hall (moneyline) vs. Chris Weidman (+130)

The first leg of this ticket hit in a rather solemn way. The guys backed Uriah Hall as an outright dog against Chris Weidman. Weidman suffered a gruesome broken leg injury in the fight, enabling Hall to walk out of the Octagon a winner.

Leg 2: Valentina Shevchenko (Win by Ko/TKO) vs. Jessica Andrade (+170)

The UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion came through for the bettors, ending the challenger with a flurry of elbow strikes in Round 2. Don’t even try her!

Leg 3: Rose Namajunas (Win by KO/TKO or Points) vs. Weili Zhang (+240)

Thug Rose is back folks! And these guys were all over it ahead of time with their UFC 261 parlay. Round 1 stoppage!

Leg 4: Kamaru Usman (Win by KO/TKO) vs. Jorge Masvidal (+320)

Usman warned Chad Ochocinco beforehand that his massive bet on the challenger was a bad one. The Nigerian Nightmare shut Masvidal down in Round 2, securing the fourth and final outcome for this winning UFC 261 parlay.

JACKPOT! The fact that the odds on each successive leg of the parlay got longer and longer just makes this thing even more nuts!

I know the bet was placed through FanDuel Sportsbook, but these guys truly were able to “make it rain”.

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Comments and Reactions for Insane UFC 261 Parlay Cashes Thanks To Usman KO

Comments and Reactions for Insane UFC 261 Parlay Cashes Thanks To Usman KO