JR Smith Has Issue With Bees During His First Golf Competition For North Carolina A&T

JR Smith is being heavily reported on this week as he competes in his first college golf competition as a member of North Carolina A&T.

Smith has an up-and-down first round on Monday, earning a shout of from his former teammate and friend, LeBron James.



But during his Tuesday round, JR Smith had an issue.

When tracking down one of his shots, JR ran into a beehive, and had to be treated for some wounds to his feet and legs.

JR Smith would go on to double bogey the beehive hole, dropping him to +24 for the tournament thus far.

Smith has had some flashes of competent golf throughout the tournament, including a flurry of birdies during his front nine on Monday. But as a whole, it appears that he’ll be looking for some vast improvement for his next competition.

He’ll hope not to run into a bunch of bees during future competitions, as well.

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