Jordan Poyer And Micah Hyde Got Upset With A Reporter Asking If They Were ‘Embarrassed’ Following MNF Loss

Buffalo Bills safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde were visibly upset when taking the podium following the 14-10 loss to the Patriots on Monday Night Football.

And when a reporter asked them a question on if they were ’embarrassed’ by the effort of the run defense during the game, they took exception.


Both Poyer and Hyde shared their displeasure with the line of questioning, and Micah Hyde had some extra words as he was leaving the interview.

In the ridiculous wind conditions, Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde held the Patriots to just 14 points. But the defensive unit caught some flak for allowing the Patriots to continue to run for chunk yardage when everyone in the stadium knew that the Patriots had no interest in passing the ball.

But nevertheless, it’s pretty dumb for a reporter to ask two guys about being “embarrassed” after an effort like that, especially given that they just came off the field following an emotional game.

Something tells me Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde won’t be giving that reporter the time of day in the future.

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