Gardner Minshew Spotting a Fan With his Jersey Is a Whole Vibe

The legend of Gardner Minshew is back.

From the moment he first appeared in a game to replace the injured Nick Foles, Minshew has been endearing himself to the NFL community with an electric personality, his signature mustache, and of course his “Minshew Magic.”

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After starting for an injured Jalen Hurts, Minshew led the Philadelphia Eagles to a victory over the New York Jets. After the game, he hit up the fans excitedly waiting field-side.

That’s where he saw it.

Minshew spotted a familiar #10 in the crowd. It wasn’t the long departed Desean Jackson. Nope, it was a Gardner Minshew jersey.

Watch below:

He also made even more fans with his interaction with his Dad post game.

It’s nearly impossible to dislike this guy. Minshew continues to be one of the most entertaining personalities in the league.

This man needs a team who will fully embrace him as their starter.

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