Jerry Jones Speaks on Discrimination in the NFL: ‘Everybody’s Blood is Red’

If anyone knows what’s going on in the NFL  it’s Jerry Jones.

Jerry is the owner of America’s team, the most beloved franchise in all of sports, according to him that is. With the Jon Gruden emails recently leaking, some have started to wonder who else feels the way Gruden does about certain minority groups and race. Jerry Jones was a guest on, On the Record with Bob Costas, and spoke about discrimination in the NFL.

According to Jerry, the things we saw in Gruden’s emails are not common in the NFL.

Jerry Jones on Gruden’s emails: “…there is not that type of issue prevalent in the NFL

Watch below:

What else is Jerry going to say?

He’s a salesman, and one hell of spinster.

Jerry points to a typical NFL huddle, which is often filled with every type of race.

He also makes a great point, “Everybody’s blood is red”

It’s Jerry’s World, we’re just living in it.

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