Joel Embiid Calls Out 76ers For Losing Valuable Assets In An Effort To Build Around Ben Simmons

Over the offseason, Joel Embiid has tried his hardest to insist that there is no rift between him and Ben Simmons.

But after Simmons laid in egg in last year’s postseason, he has been adamant that he won’t be showing up to Philly this season, and will sit out the entire year if need be.


So while Simmons remains away from the team, Joel Embiid takes the podium to speak on the matter nearly daily.

On Wednesday, Embiid spoke on how the 76ers front office tried like hell to build a roster around Ben Simmons, giving up some key players in the process.

The key part here is that Joel Embiid thinks the organization was making a “mistake” by giving up the likes of Jimmy Butler just to make sure Ben Simmons had the ball in his hands more often.

Sure, maybe the media has overblown the rift between Simmons and Embiid. After all, Embiid was willing to fly out to Simmons to try to convince the point guard to return to the team for the season.

But at the end of the day, Ben Simmons knows he’ll be better off without Joel Embiid and vice versa. It’s time for Daryl Morey to pull the trigger on the trade already.

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