Joe Burrow Admits That He Hasn’t Been Feeling Like ‘Old Self’

In the early going of Training Camp, sophomore quarterback Joe Burrow has been struggling to connect with his Bengals offense.

Burrow was able to return from a season-ending ankle injury from last year. But the transition to live action has been a little shaky for the Heisman Trophy winner.

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When talking about the early struggles, Joe Burrow admitted that he still hasn’t gotten over the mental hurdle just yet.

“I would say right now it’s a mental thing,” Burrow said via PFT. “I’m just getting back used to playing football again against top-level competition. Hopefully a couple more reps, a couple more days, we’ll get it back to my old self.”

Joe Burrow would go on to say that a big part of him getting more comfortable is just being able to handle a collapsing pocket after being through such a painful injury.

“It’s just getting more comfortable in the pocket,” Burrow said. “Today we’re going to have a bunch of people around me in 7-on-7 and individual drills just to get that feeling back. That’s the last step for me, just get my pocket presence back and understanding when I’m pressured and when I’m not. Just getting that whole feeling back that I’ve been really good at for a long time.”

Despite his struggles, Joe Burrow is confident that he’ll be back to normal once the season rolls around, and able to make plays like we’ve been seeing since his LSU days.

Even if thinks are a little iffy right now, I certainly wouldn’t bet against the kid getting it right.

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