James Harden Spotted At Lil Baby’s Bday Party With A Bag Full Of Cash

James Harden is supposed to be reporting to Rockets training camp. Instead, he’s just going to live his best life.

Harden was spotted at rapper Lil Baby’s 26th birthday bash with a Prada bag full of cash as a lavish gift for his friend.

Lil Baby says in the video, ““Gave me a Prada bag cus he proud of me, full of honey buns…with a hundred bun…2”. Harden is seen hovering over the bag with a grin.


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A “honey bun” is slang for $100,000. That means Harden shelled out a Prada bag and $100,000 dollars for Lil Baby. Harden also threw in a Richard Milne watch. That means Harden casually dropped about $300,000 on Lil Baby for his birthday. I mean, I know that money is probably nothing for a guy like James Harden, but it’s still a little wild that he’s willing to drop that kind of coin on a friend.

It must be nice to be rich.

Rockets new coach Stephen Silas also doesn’t seem too concerned with Harden’s absence from the team.

“When stuff like this kind of happens where there’s a little indecision and stuff going on, I kind of take a step back and allow guys some space,” Silas said of Harden via ESPN.

It looks like Harden is using that space to hit the clubs hard. You gotta hand it to James Harden, the man knows how to party.

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