J.J. Watt Thinks His Brother Deserved DPOY Award Over Aaron Donald

J.J. Watt is not happy that his brother, T.J. Watt didn’t win the Defensive Player Of The Year award. Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald was the heavy favorite, and took home the award. Nevertheless, J.J. felt the need to stick up for his younger brother. J.J. Watt shared his frustration on social media.


“Aaron Donald is an absolutely incredible player. I love watching him play & he’s headed to the Hall of Fame without question. This has nothing to do with AD personally. This is me saying what my brother won’t. TJ played 1 less game and STILL led the NFL in every major category,” Watt wrote on his Twitter, followed by a graphic showing T.J. Watt’s superior stats.

T.J. Watt also shared a message to the voters.

It’s kind of hard to compare Aaron Donald’s stats to T.J. Watt’s. They play different positions. Donald is a defensive tackle, while Watt is an Outside Linebacker who lines up as an edge rusher on most plays. Usually, edges have more chances to get to the quarterback and make plays in the backfield.

With that being said, I see the Wattses’ point here. I think there is a lot of politics at play with these voters, and it almost always favors the guy who has the bigger name. Aaron Donald is that guy.

T.J. Watt is an absolute beast, and he’ll have his chance to win the award one day. They’ll just have to be patient.

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