Tyreek Hill Hoping To Qualify For Olympics After Super Bowl

We know Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill is fast. The speedster is widely considered to among the fastest players in the NFL. He’s a matchup problem for any team, and the Tampa Bay Bucs will have their hands full trying to guard him in the Super Bowl. While Hill is ridiculously fast, is he “Olympic sprinter” fast?

According to TMZ, Tyreek Hill would like to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.


“It is still an option ’cause it’s always been my dream to do multiple sports at the highest level,” Hill said. Due to COVID-19, the Olympics were postponed until next Summer, but Tyreek Hill says he’s still trying to make it happen.

“Like I’m young so why not use everything that I got while I still have it,” Tyreek Hill said. “Because one day I’m going to be old and I’m not going to be as fast so just use everything I got. I love competing and I also love having fun, and why not?”

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Tyreek Hill ran track along with playing football in high school. The odds might be against him to make the olympics team, but that won’t stop him from dreaming.

I’m sure there aren’t many people in the world who can keep up with Tyreek Hill in a race.

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