Michigan Native Mike Posner Betrays His Roots In Recent Footage Of Him Reminiscing On An Old Song

Pop artist and Michigan native Mike Posner will be buried in Detroit next to his ancestors, as his hit single suggests. But recent footage of Posner reminiscing on an old song may have some of his fellow yooper fans wanting to spit on his grave.

Posner is a Duke alum and well-known Blue Devil fan, but seeing him in a Cubs jersey may have surprised some of his fans. The Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs are in opposing leagues but there is an element of state pride in the Midwest that is different than other regions of the U.S. It comes from the blue-collar, working-class roots. As far as professional sports go, Posner hasn’t had a whole lot to root for in the state of Michigan in his 32 years. The Lions have never been to a Superbowl. The Tigers have had a few surprise teams, but have been dry since ’84. And the Bears, oh my! I know, the Bears are another Chicago sports team, but I couldn’t resist.

Posner has made his loyalty to Michigan pretty clear, so there’s no telling if he’s actually a Cub fan. Coincidentally, his hit single Buried In Detroit dropped in 2016, the year the Cubbies ended their grueling 107-year drought. Many have hopped on the bandwagon since the Cubs 2016 World Series title. I love Posner’s music, so if he has been a closeted Cub fan all along, I’m happy he finally came out.

The song in the video, In The Arms Of a Stranger, is actually one of my favorite Posner jams. I particularly like the Grey Remix that was released a few years back. Posner gained a lot of notoriety in his recent 2800+ mile walk across America. He was hospitalized by a lethal rattlesnake bite midway through his journey. Unable to walk for weeks, the Michigan born pop star was eventually able to finish the trek. Even if you don’t like Posner, you have to respect his level of commitment. I don’t like Duke and I don’t like Michigan, but I’ll add the possibility of Posner being a Cub fan to the long list of reasons to like the guy.

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