Antonio Brown Isn’t Convinced Tom Brady Will Stay Retired For Very Long

Like most of us, Antonio Brown wasn’t expecting Tom Brady to retire following last season.

After all, the 44 year old was still neck-in-neck with Aaron Rodgers for the MVP Award, and appeared to have plenty of elite football left in the tank. But at the end of the day, Brady pointed to his lack of drive and desire to spend time with family when announcing he was hanging it up after 22 remarkable seasons.

However, Brady has left the door open to potentially coming out of retirement if his mindset changes sometime down the road.

This week, TMZ found Antonio Brown — who also revealed that he didn’t necessarily believe Tom Brady was going to stay retired for very long.

Here’s the transcription of the interaction per The Spun:

“When asked if Tom Brady was going to stay retired, Brown responded, “Why would he do that?”

That prompted a second question asking if he thinks Brady is going to make a comeback to the NFL. “I think so,” Brown said while signing autographs.

The reporter asked a third question, wondering where Brady would go if he did come back. “Whoever want to win,” Brown responded.”

Tom Brady took Antonio Brown under his wing when convincing the Bucs to sign the talented, but troubled, wide receiver during the 2020 season. And for a while, things were going great.

AB was a huge reason why the Buccaneers offense became unstoppable, and won the Super Bowl later that season. But this year, things reached a breaking point, and ended with Brown ripping off his jersey and running off the field during a game against the Jets.

Now, Antonio Brown finds himself looking for a new home, yet again. And Tom Brady seems happily retired…for now.

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