It Sure Sounds Like Adam Gase Was Caught In A Lie About Who Was Calling Plays For The Jets Today

Adam Gase still has a job. I will never understand how.

Week after week, Gase finds a way to embarrass himself. This week was no different. It was reported that Adam Gase was taking play-calling duties back from offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains this week.

After the Jets lost 20-3 to the Dolphins, Adam Gase claimed that he was not calling plays during the game. The New York media wasn’t buying it.

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What the fu** is Adam Gase even talking about here? This guy actually expects us to believe that he wasn’t calling the plays? Members of the New York media were literally watching Gase call plays all game. There is no way that Dowell Loggains gave Gase plays before drives, and that’s their system for relaying the play call. That doesn’t even make sense. How would Gase remember every play Loggains tells him throughout a whole drive? If Loggains was calling plays, he would just do it himself, like he had been. Every time you think that Gase and the Jets can’t be anymore of a joke, they find a way.

I don’t know what Adam Gase’s thought process is. Maybe he thinks that if he can make people believe that he isn’t behind the Jets play calls, he’ll have a better chance to land a job once he’s fired later this year.Who knows.

Hopefully for Jets fans, they’ll be put out of their misery, and Gase will be fired sooner rather than later.

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