Iman Shumpert Claims LeBron James “Knows He Ruined Basketball”

Iman Shumpert has found his way back into the news over something he said about former teammate, LeBron James.

When making an appearance on  Bootleg Kev podcast, the former NBA point guard made the claim that LeBron, “knows he ruined basketball” when he decided to form a superteam in Miami.

“It wasn’t KD. It was LeBron first going to Miami,” he said. “[LeBron] knows he ruined basketball. He thought he was making it better. I get it. Me personally, I love the NBA for the loyalty that I thought was there. He basically knocked the fourth wall down.”

When Iman Shumpert was given the Lakers and Celtics dynasties as proof that LeBron James wasn’t the first person to create a superteam to win championships, he elaborated on his take.

“Find me the year the top player left his throne and joined someone else? Closest thing was Shaq but Bigs have to pair up and Kobe was the juice. [LeBron] had no need and had all the influence. I can debate this all day.”

I think Iman Shumpert’s notion that “loyalty” was such a big thing in the NBA before recently is a little overdrawn. And LeBron James is most definitely not the first great player to join forces with another team in order to increase his championship odds.

Also, basketball has still had a variety of different championship teams (in cities that haven’t normally competed) over the past five seasons.

Either way, LeBron James wasn’t the first or last player who’s going to bail on the team that drafted him to win.

Iman Shumpert got the clout he was looking for, though.

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