Fans React to Cubs TV Announcer Len Kasper Leaving for White Sox

For North Siders and South Siders, there’s always a rivalry. Whether it players on the field, front office positions, or in this case TV Announcers, there’s always going to be a “pick a side mentality” Cubs TV announcer Len Kasper has picked his side, and he’s heading to the South Side to call games for the Chicago White Sox on the radio.

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Cubs Fans were not too pleased with his decision, although the Cubs Twitter account wished him well:


See the reactions below:

If you know anything about Cubs/Sox history, announcers have switched allegiances before. That list includes Haray Caray and Jack Brickhouse.

It just adds to the mystique of the crosstown rivalry.

One day in the future we’ll get what we all deserve in the Windy City,  a Cubs versus White Sox World Series.

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