ESPN Analyst Believes Tom Brady’s Free Agent Viral Comment Was About Saints

Tom Brady taking shots at Drew Brees? Tampa Bay Bucs QB Tom Brady garnered headlines when the teaser of HBO’s The Shop showed the quarterback trash-talking a team’s decision to pass him up in free agency in 2020 NFL offseason. Who was Brady talking about? The internet believed it had to be Jimmy G.

Nobody knows for sure of course, but there have been guesses ranging from Mitchell Trubisky to Jimmy G. ESPN insider Jeff Darlington was on Get Up this morning and said the franchise Brady was referring to was the New Orleans Saints, with the analyst offering up reasons why.

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See below:

“I’m gonna say it as clear as day: it’s the New Orleans Saints,” Darlington said. “Regret might be a strong word because ultimately Drew Brees decided to delay his broadcasting career and come back for one more season. The Saints did the right thing by bringing Brees back. But I think that people still underestimate how close Tom Brady was to signing with the New Orleans Saints up until he ultimately decided on the Bucs. I know that that’s gonna be a statement people try to question. It’s the truth.”


Brees was pretty bad last year, he really couldn’t throw the ball downfield, something you really need your QB to be able to do.

But it’s hard to believe Tom would besmirch Drew Brees’ name.

This makes things a lot more interesting.

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