Damian Lillard Explains Why He Has No Interest Playing For The Lakers

Damian Lillard is staying put in Portland. At least for now.

As it has been widely reported that a Lillard trade request could be coming soon, many were tying “Dame Dolla” to the Los Angeles Lakers.

But when a fan said he’d be willing to bet that Lillard was going to be on the Lakers before the season starts, Dame had a telling response to how he feels about playing for LA.

“Bet a million” Damian Lillard responded.


In a recent interview with Complex Sports, Damian Lillard explained why he doesn’t see himself on the Lakers any time soon.

“He said ‘I would bet anybody that when the season starts, Dame’s going to be playing for the Lakers,’” Lillard told Complex News. “And the Lakers just traded for Russell Westbrook, so I’m not going to play for the Lakers. We play the same position, so (I was) like bet a million.”

It would make complete sense that Damian Lillard views the Lakers’ acquisition of Russell Westbrook as a roadblock for a move to LA.

And he recently stated that he was undoubtedly going to start the season as a member of the Trail Blazers. But it’s clear that Lillard isn’t happy with Portland building an uncompetitive roster around his talents.

Once the season get underway and the Blazers continue their slide, expect the Damian Lillard trade rumors to pop back up again.

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