Chicago Blackhawks Announcer Pat Foley Apologizes After Making Suicide Joke On-Air

Chicago Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley has been the team’s play-by-play man for many years now. But he made a mistake during the last broadcast of the year that I’m sure he wishes he could take back.

While talking about the players dealing with COVID protocols throughout the season, Foley joked that he, “would have put a bullet through his head.”

“Had I been traveling with the team this year,” Foley said mid-broadcast, “I might have put a bullet in my head.”

Foley would later issue an apology during the broadcast after seeing fans’ reaction to his ignorant joke.

This isn’t the first time Pat Foley has been under fire over something he’s said while calling a game.

When calling a preseason game in 2019, he made a joke that a guy with the last name ‘Ortega’ should be a shortstop instead of a hockey player.

“Ortega, who sounds like he ought to be a shortstop,” Foley said at the time.

There’s no doubt that Pat Foley is one of the best hockey announcers in the game, but he’s going to have to figure out how to navigate a broadcast in this day-in-age. We’re not in the 1990s anymore, and Foley needs to understand that there are certain thing he simply can’t say during a game.

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