Tyrod Taylor Sends His Condolences to Draya Michele Following the Loss of Her Father

Instagram model Draya Michele is currently mourning the loss of her father. While most celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend, Draya Michele announced that her father had passed away. She didn’t specify the cause of death in a heartfelt tribute posted to her Instagram account.

“REST IN HEAVEN DAD.. yesterday was one of my hardest days,” Michele wrote in the caption. “While everyone was celebrating the wonderful mother’s of the world, I was losing my father. I love you dad, you suffered for years and needed not to any longer. I’m glad you’re at peace and with GOD. I’m glad I went home and got to see you while you were still in good spirits. I will celebrate your life forever.”


Following her post, her boyfriend and Houston Texans QB Tyrod Taylor dropped a comment on her post:


Draya also spoke more on her father’s passing on her IG Story:

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s reached out, all my friends, my family members, my supporters,” she stated on her story. “This is my first time I’m dealing with a death that’s this close that also I’m having to make decisions for. And I’ve been pretty quiet about it all and I just ask that you guys allow me to grieve how I want to grieve.”

“So if you see me on social media and maybe I’m posting something or attempting to act normal, maybe it’s because I find a little comfort in this app because you guys are all so very supportive here,” she continued. “So just allow me to grieve how I would like to grieve and thank you for being as supportive as you guys have been being.”

Sending our condolences to Draya, hopefully Tyrod will help her thru the healing process.

Respectfully check out more of Draya below

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