Ben Simmons Seemingly Responds To Rumor About Leaving Nets Group Chat

It seems like every day brings on a new rumor about the Brooklyn Nets.

Yesterday, a damning report surfaced about Ben Simmons’ unwillingness to participate in last season’s playoff series against the Celtics.

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According to the report, Simmons left the Nets’ group text after being asked by some members of the team if he would suit up for Game 4.

Today, Ben Simmons sent out a tweet that seemingly slammed the report about him leaving the group chat during the Celtics series.

“slow news day,” Simmons said in the tweet.

Yesterday, the rumor about Ben Simmons leaving the group text was sparks when NBA insider Ric Bucher stopped by “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd.

Not only did Bucher drop that story, but he also claimed that the entire thing rubbed Kevin Durant the wrong way.

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“They asked him, ‘Are you going to play?’ Ben left the chat,” Bucher said. “Like, he didn’t even answer the question, just left the chat. And KD [Nets teammate Kevin Durant] is like, this is what I signed up for…this is who I’m playing with?”

Now, Kevin Durant has re-iterated to Nets owner Joe Tsai that he still would like to be traded, which has come off as an ultimatum, with KD making Tsai choose between him or GM Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.
It’s unclear if Durant’s rift goes past management, or if it involves all the off-court drama he was forced to endure all season long with Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving.
Either way, it’s clear that the Nets are a complete dumpster fire right now.

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