LIV Golf Lawyer Reveals Bombshell Revelation About Player Earnings

The LIV Golf beans are being spilled.

LIV Golf is currently going through the court system in order to obtain an emergency injunction against the PGA for blocking its players from participating in the FedEx Cup. In the process of arguing his case, the lawyer representing LIV let something pretty interesting slip. In a stunning revelation about player payouts. LIV’s players’ earnings are counted against the upfront money they take to join the tour.

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“Whoa, bombshell! Plaintiff’s lawyer just let slip that LIV players’ earnings are counted against their upfront money. This shall be explored further at a later date.”

This goes against what LIV was reporting about their payouts to players.

For example, Bryson DeChambeau has said he made $125 million to join LIV. That would mean he’ll have to make $125 million in tournament earnings before he actually sees a dime from competing in a tournament.

So that means Bryson is not making $125 million plus whatever he wins during the tour’s three-round tournaments. Not saying he’s not well paid, but where is the incentive to compete if you’re not earning any additional revenue from winning a tournament. LIV’s lawyer followed that up by saying every LIV Golfer’s contract is different. But he also said not all guaranteed money is actually guaranteed.

“He moved very quickly passed that and did say that each contract is different, but did insinuate that not all guaranteed money is guaranteed.”

Is anyone too surprised the Saudi-backed tour isn’t exactly what it appeared to be?

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