Michigan Coaches Caught Using Cell Phones On The Bench During Win Over Ohio State

Was Michigan somehow cheating during their game against Ohio State on Sunday? Many on social media think the answer to that question is yes. Cameras caught Michigan assistant coaches using their cell phones during the team’s 92-87 victory.

According to Athletic Business, it is not legal to use a cell phone during a game.

Via Athletic Business:

The data can be used in a coaching role only, with laptops and tablets – but not cellphones – being permitted in the bench area to receive live data and statistics. The NCAA has previously prohibited all electronic devices on the bench, although they are allowed in locker rooms.

Sideaction’s Latest:

I’m sure Michigan head coach Juwan Howard will have to give an explanation on why his coaches were using cell phones mid-game. We’ll wait for that response to a truly bizarre situation.

After Michigan’s win over rival Ohio State today, the team moved to an impressive 16-1 on the season. They’re currently first in the Big Ten standings, and ranked fourth in the nation. Juwan Howard’s team looks to be a real threat coming into March Madness, but now they’ll have to answer the questions about this whole cell phone situation.

Is Michigan basketball the new Houston Astros? Maybe that’s pushing it, but that coach better have a damn good reason why he needed to be on his phone on the bench. I mean, he had to know he was going to get caught. There are cameras all over the place.

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