Enes Kanter Freedom Blasts Jeremy Lin for Playing in China

Enes Kanter Freedom continues on his war path.

Kanter Freedom blasted former NBA player Jeremy Lin for choosing to play in the Chinese Basketball Association and called on him to “stand with Taiwan.”

Freedom  has been outspoken on various social and political issues, in particular, being critical of Communist and repressive regimes.

“Shame on you @JLin7,” Freedom wrote Sunday morning in a post to his verified Twitter account. “Haven’t you had enough of that Dirty Chinese Communist Party money feeding you to stay silent? How disgusting of you to turn your back against your country & your people. Stand with Taiwan! Stop bowing to money & the Dictatorship. Morals over Money brother.”

Lin is currently a guard for the Beijing Ducks.

The former NBA player known as “Linsanity”  acknowledged that his comeback bid would not be fully completed and announced that he was abandoning his hopes to return to the NBA after a call-up to the league never came.

“For months, I saw others get contracts, chances, opportunities,” Lin wrote on Instagram May 18. “I told myself I just need ONE ten-day contract, one chance to get back on the floor and I would blow it out the water. After all that’s how my entire career started – off one chance to prove myself. For reasons I’ll never fully know, that chance never materialized. But I proved I’m better than ever and an NBA player.”

Lin then announced in June that he would be rejoining the Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association for the 2021-22 season.

Kanter should understand Lin is just trying to make a living.

Freedom needs to chill for a bit on telling everyone how to live.

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