Cincinnati Fan Ruins Any Chance Team Has At Beating Alabama With Cringey TikTok Routine

A Cincinnati Bearcats fan is feeling a little bit too confident heading into the College Football Playoff game against Alabama.

In a series of TikTok’s, Ryan Brady was seen stomping all over an Alabama shirt on the Cincinnati logo at one of the team’s facilities.


Shortly after Rex Brady went viral, people were swarming social media to deem that this was the end for Cincinnati – and now it’s gonna be even more of a bloodbath when Bama meets Cincy on New Years Eve.

After Alabama mopped the floor with Georgia in the SEC championship, they now take over the reigns as the #1 team in the country, and will already be heavy favorites to beat the Bearcats.

I don’t think anyone outside of Cincinnati’s campus is expecting the team to put up much of a fight against Nick Saban. And I’m sure some people will be annoyed with this kid potentially adding insult to injury if the Crimson Tide are able to dominate – as expected – later in the month.

Ryan Brady might have succeeded in making a name for himself. But at what cost??

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