Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says Sage Steele Gave Her Heavy Praise For Picking A White Man

ESPN’s Sage Steele is under fire this week after making some suspect comments about former president Barack Obama and talking about the COVID vaccine during an appearance on Jay Cutler’s podcast.

She later apologized and received a slap on the wrist by the network.

In the aftermath of all the Sage Steele drama, former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay revealed that the ESPN anchor reached out to praise her for not picking an African-American at the conclusion of the show.

“I like Sage. She’s a woman of color who had a long career in the media, and I’m aspiring to this, but then I’m listening to you, and the first thing you say to me is how thrilled you are that I didn’t choose Black. And I’m like… who is this woman?” Rachel Lindsay said on her Higher Learning podcast with Van Lanthan.. “Since then, I’ve started to learn more about how problematic she can be.”

Sage Steele was removed from some ESPN programming this week, but she’s expected to resume her role shortly.

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