Bruce Arians Receives Punishment For Slapping Player In The Head

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians has been under heavy fire since the team defeated the Eagles in the Super Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

During the game, Arians was seen slapping a defensive player upside the head after he was jawing with the opposing team following a big stop.

After the play, Antonio Brown seemed to allude to this act as an example of how Bruce Arians treats his players like dirt.

On Wednesday, the NFL announced that Bruce Arians would be fined $50,000 for hitting one of his own players.

When asked of the slapping act, Bruce Arians held firm that he had no regrets because he was trying to avoid an ill-advised penalty after a big play in the game.

“No, I’ve seen enough dumb [things]. You can’t pull guys out of a pile. We just got a big play, great field position, and he’s trying to pull a guy out of a pile and I was trying to knock him off of that guy so he didn’t get a penalty,” he said on Monday.

None of Bruce Arians’ current players seemed to take exception to him slightly slapping a player. But in this day-in-age, it’s probably best if the Bucs head coach doesn’t make a habit out of touching his players in any way.

After all, the final straw for Urban Meyer in Jacksonville was when kicker Josh Lambo revealed that the head coach kicked him prior to a practice in Training Camp.

Something tells me Bruce Arians has a little more respect from his locker room than Urban, tough.

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