Ben Zobrist Drops Lawsuit Against Cheating Pastor Who Allegedly Slept With His Wife

Former Chicago Cubs World Series champion Ben Zobrist has had his messy divorce with Julianna Zobrist spread out all over the web over the past year.

According to some reports, Julianna was sleeping around with the family pastor, Byron Yawn, while Ben was with the Cubs.

When Zobrist left the team, Yawn told him to give Julianna some space, as she was clearly dealing with some mixed feelings about the marriage.

Unfortunately for Ben Zobrist, it appears that he had to drop the lawsuit against Byron Yawn.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Yawn’s attorney, Christopher Bellamy, told The Chicago Tribune . “I’m suspicious for their reasons but I’m optimistic that he’ll continue to do the right things.”


While Ben Zobrist will take his attention away from Byron Yawn (for now), he still has to deal with the divorce trial with Julianna.

So far, the two seem to remain far apart when figuring out financial disputes, as well as custody over their children.

Hopefully it all gets sorted out.

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