Ben Simmons Is Pretending He’s Going To Start Shooting Threes In Orlando After He Made Them Rain In A Video

The Sixers’ Ben Simmons has always been beaten up for his jumper. He’s been told he should switch hands, he’s said that his lack of shooting in games doesn’t reflect his ability to pull the trigger, it’s one of those ongoing storylines where the entire plot is that a basketball player doesn’t seemingly want to actually shoot from more than five feet away.

But the Orlando NBA bubble is a bold new world. And, once again, Ben Simmons is flashing a pretty wet jumper. And he says we’ll see it more when play resumes:


It’s actually the second time this week that Simmons has showed off his jumper and someone from the Sixers talked about it to media:

It’s almost like I’m a nagging parent who wants their child to do a chore at this point. He keeps telling me he’s going to take out the trash, yet here we are with a kitchen full of garbage while Ben Simmons alternates between jerking off and playing Call of Duty in his bedroom. All this talk about shooting more won’t actually matter until he shoots more.

But I get it. We want to believe. Remember that reaction Ben Simmons got when he hit his first career three pointer last preseason?

It’ll feel less like a sports movie come to life if Ben Simmons regularly knocks down Js. But still, if he’s going to keep talking about it, at some point he’s got to do it. I don’t need Ben Simmons as an aspirational James Harden out there. But give the people what they want, Ben. Stroke it. And not like the teenager metaphor I mentioned above.

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