Allen Iverson Weighs in on Ben Simmons Sixers Situation

What’s the Answer to the Ben Simmons problem in Philly?

Sixers legend Allen Iverson is weighing in on the situation surrounding Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons, as it continues to be the focus around the team as they continue to move forward with their 2021-22 season. Simmons wants a trade, but the Sixers want him with the team. Mostly because they can’t get anything in return for the disgruntled hooper.

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Simmons reportedly does not want to return and play in front of the Philly fans, and can you blame him, Philly fans are notoriously ruthless.

Iverson spoke on this:

With Ben, I think the connection with the fans got out of hand and that’s what he didn’t want to have to deal with coming back. My whole thing with our fans is, we’re with you if you’re with us, but when we feel like you don’t want to be with us? They’ll kill your (expletive).

Winning cures all.

If Ben could go out there and help the team win, Philly fans will be quick to forgive him for being a total ass clown.

Being scared of playing in front of fans should tell you all you need to know, Ben feels bad about how he’s behaved.

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