Alabama Reporter Blasts Colleague for Calling Nick Saban By His First Name

Apparently, Alabama head coach Nick Saban can only be referred to as “Coach” or “Coach Saban”. Anything else would be completely disrespectful, and warrant a whole tangent to humiliate you on social media. That’s what WVTM reporter Rick Karle seems to think.

Not only did Karle send out this Twitter post, but he also spent time writing over 600 words on Facebook (not worth your time to read) on why Nick Saban must be referred to as “Coach”.

Look, I get it, Nick Saban is like a god in Tuscaloosa, as he should be. When you win six National Championships, you reach legendary status, and Saban has definitely gotten there. Saban could probably run for President of the United States and win Alabama.

I think Karle needs to take a step back here. In his long Facebook rant he discusses several legendary coaches in the history of sports, and how they weren’t referred to by their first names. He really milked the whole thing.

At the end of the day, Nick Saban is just a football coach. Contrary to popular belief in Alabama, he is not some god, or someone that we have to kneel down beside every time he walks past us. He’s just a ball coach, and a damn good one at that. There’s no need to humiliate young sports reporters for how they ask Nick Saban questions.

If Rick Karle would have pulled the young reporter aside and told them that they should be referring to Saban as “coach”, that would be completely understandable. But no, this man wanted all the attention, and he got it.

This seems like a total P.R. move from Rick Karle. Maybe he’s thinking this move will get him closer to Nick Saban.

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