Aaron Rodgers Walks Back His Comments About Jumbotron Reveal: ‘Sometimes the Jumbotron Shows Things’

Aaron Rodgers is walking back his mysterious post game interview.

Rodgers received even more attention than he already does after Sunday’s win over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he seemingly said that he saw some revealing information via the jumbotron. The Packers quarterback was seen engaging with head coach Matt LaFleur during the Bucs’ final drive. When asked about his apparent involvement with a series of plays for the Packers’ defense, Rodgers attempted to play coy .

“Sometimes you see things in the game,” he said. “Sometimes the Jumbotron shows things they probably shouldn’t show, even at home. I saw something and just passed on the information.”

Watch Rodgers post game interview below:

Rodgers’ postgame comments gave rise to speculation that a team tablet could have accidentally been featured on screen. Others figured Rodgers caught some play calling by potentially reading lips.

Speaking on “The Pat McAfee Show” this week, Rodgers tried to clarify the timeline.

“Four or five plays, somewhere, it was well before the two-point conversion — I did see something on the Jumbotron that I … went down and relayed to Matt,” Rodgers said. “I’m not going to get into exactly what I saw, or if it even had a real impact on the play. I think that’s kind of inconsequential.”

He continued:

“It had nothing to do with the two-point conversation. There was not an image of like, you know, the Microsoft Surface or any of that on there. That would have been pretty funny, though. … You’ve still got to go out there and execute the play, and in our case stop them, but it had nothing to do with the two-point conversion.”

Pretty confusing.

Rodgers lives for attention.

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