Aaron Rodgers Once Crashed A Frat Party And Sung His Heart Out According to Ex-Teammate

A story dropped  from ESPN’s Sam Borden today outlining all the weird shit Aaron Rodgers has done throughout his career, through the lens of his teammates. Let’s just say, I knew Rodgers was weird, but I didn’t know it was this bad.

The weirdest story was undoubtedly the one that former Packers backup QB Graham Harrell shared about joining a “fraternity” with Aaron Rodgers.


Harrell was third string behind Rodgers and Matt Flynn at the time. Rodgers took a liking to Harrell over Flynn to the extent in which he created a made up scenario where they were fraternity brothers and Matt Flynn was in an “enemy”fraternity. Then the story gets really weird.

Rodgers said that him and Harrell were in TKE (completely made up), and when a Packers ball boy who was actually in TKE found out, he was beyond excited. The ball boy invites Rodgers and Harrell to a mixer at the TKE house at St. Norbert College. Harrell assumes they would decline the invite, but boy was he wrong.

“There is no way in the world we’re missing this,” Rodgers tells Harrell.

After playing four rounds of flip cup, where Rodgers gets increasingly upset with his losing results and tells Graham Harrell he “needs to be better”, Rodgers and Harrell took part in a frat ceremony.

The ceremony goes that the frat brothers get down on one knee while serenading the sorority queen, who is sitting on a stage. Harrell assumes this is where him and Rodgers would make their exit, but once again, he was wrong.

He sees Aaron Rodgers scurry to the floor and start partaking in the ceremony.

“This isn’t even real life, bro,” Harrell says to Rodgers, who gestures wildly for Harrell to get down beside him. Harrell says he gets down next to Rodgers, and they belt out a song they do not know the lyrics to.

Harrell concludes his story by saying that he had never seen Aaron Rodgers happier.


The ESPN story included other weird things about Rodgers, including his infatuation with UFO’s and making his teammates sing to him during practice. For such a great talent, Aaron Rodgers is one weird ass dude. I’m now picturing the star quarterback serenading teenagers in his free time. Maybe he even stripped down and started streaking through St. Norbert College like he was Frank the Tank in Old School.

All I know is that I do not envy Graham Harrell for having to put up with Rodgers and his crazy antics.

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