Former MLB Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth Trashed Over Terrible Trey Mancini Take

After it was announced that Baltimore Orioles slugger Trey Mancini was sitting out a game due to “general soreness”, former MLB reliever Kyle Farnsworth couldn’t help himself from chiming in.

Farnsworth took to Twitter to share his take that any player who can’t soak up some soreness shouldn’t be playing in the MLB.

“So I just saw that a MLB player didn’t play today because of general soreness. Are you kidding me. It’s September. Everyone is sore. If you can’t play through soreness, you shouldn’t be playing the sport. SMH!” he tweeted.

Shortly after Farnsworth shared his opinion on Mancini, he was trashed by a lot of MLB fans on social media.


After getting a bunch of backlash, Farnsworth tried to walk back his comments, saying he wasn’t necessarily talking about Mancini.

Farnsworth has been known to miss some time during his MLB days for some pretty suspect things, so I’m not sure his (still obvious) Mancini criticism carries any weight.

The biggest Farnsworth screw up was when he kicked an electric fan in the Cubs clubhouse following a poor performance in 2004. He ended up bruising and spraining his knee bad enough to land him on the injured list and keep him out of game action for nearly a month.

I think it’s safe to say that Kyle Farnsworth has no business coming at Trey Mancini for missing a meaningless game at the end of a dismal Orioles season.

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