Sean McVay is Preparing His Team to Play Against Both Justin Fields and Andy Dalton

The Chicago Bears did what many thought they would, and they made Andy Dalton their QB1. That means their rookie sensation Justin Fields would be the backup to Dalton. This would give the rookie some time to acclimate himself to the pro game. Dalton is all set to face off against the Los Angeles Rams in week 1 on Sunday Night Football.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay doesn’t completely believe the Bears making Dalton their starter.

McVay is preparing his team to face both QB’s on Sunday night.


“I think it would be naive for us not to prepare for them to be able to utilize him in some form or fashion,” McVay said of Justin Fields, the rookie signal-caller for whom Bears fans are clamoring to see. “But Andy is a winning quarterback in this league. (He) does a great job. I really have seen a lot of film of Andy, even going back to when Jay Gruden was his (offensive) coordinator at Cincinnati. So, very familiar with what a really good quarterback he is. He does a great job, accurate, anticipation, recognizes the looks defensively, can straighten up protections.

“Andy Dalton’s a really good quarterback and he’ll be a great challenge. And then you see the ways that Justin (Fields) made a lot of plays going back to his career at Ohio State (and) what he showed in the preseason. So, I think you got to be ready for either or, but it’s going to be challenge, for sure.”

McVay is always the guy trying to be the smartest guy in the room, so we’ll see if his intution on the Bears plans for Fields is correct.

The Bears would be foolish at the very least not to utilize Fields as a decoy.

At least until he’s ready to take the reigns.

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