Roddy White Advises Trevor Lawrence to Stay in School to Avoid Jets

If you’re going to play in the NFL,  there are certain organizations you may want to avoid like the black plague, and apparently the New York Jets are one of the franchises to avoid.

Speaking with Brian Giuffra of The Big Lead, former NFL wide receiver and Atlanta Falcons great Roddy White made the argument that Trevor Lawrence should stay at Clemson for another year in the event the Jets end up with the No. 1-overall pick.


“If I’m Trevor Lawrence, if the Jets finish with no wins, I just go back to Clemson,” said White. “I don’t want any part of that organization. … If the Jets get the first pick, don’t go. Just stay. Just stay one more year in college and just enjoy your time in college. Because it would be awful for you to get drafted by the Jets, because they do not know how to put anything together over there as far as quarterbacking, as far as weapons around the quarterback, as far as anything that has to do with offensive talent.

“They can draft defensively, and they do a hell of a job on that side of the ball. But as far as offense, man, that team is just bad at picking players.”

Of course Lawrence is going to roll the dice and enter the NFL draft no matter what. You really just never know when a franchise can turn their fortune around. Peyton Manning went 1-15 his first year before the Colts figured things out.

Being a Jets fan must really suck.

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