Is Antonio Brown Headed To Seattle?

Word came out this afternoon that Antonio Brown’s suspension will expire after week 8 of the NFL season. Now, all the rumors are coming out. Of all the chatter, the loudest is coming out of Seattle.

Interesting to say the least. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks brass have taken chances on disgruntled wide receivers in the past. Most recently, they signed Josh Gordon to a deal. The Seahawks are of the mindset that these low-risk signing can be worth it in the long run.


In Brown’s case, I’m not sure he’s worth the headache. He still has a pending sexual assault investigation. So even if he were to be cleared to return, that can be taken away at any time if more evidence is found against Brown. He’s also proven that he cannot mentally handle being in a locker room.

Now, if any team could make it work with AB, it would be the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson and Pete Carrol have created an atmosphere that seems unbreakable.

Antonio Brown and Russel Wilson did spend time together over the summer.


Other Potential Suitors For Antonio Brown

I don’t think any non-contender will be looking into Antonio Brown. I also don’t think any team with inexperienced leadership would bring Brown into the fold. That leaves a few possibilities.

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey seems like he’s on board with the Ravens taking a shot at signing AB.

This one I could also see. Antonio Brown and Lamar Jackson have also worked out together in the past. He’d be playing for a Super Bowl this season, and he could probably fit in well with that offense.

Brown has also shown more respect for Tom Brady than anyone else he’s ever played with. Brady was irked when the Patriots cut brown behind his back last season. Now that Brady is in Tampa Bay, maybe he can pull some strings for his new team to sign the star receiver.

Antonio Brown has also said that he would love to play for the Bucs.

“I’d be really grateful if I had the opportunity to play in Tampa Bay, to play anywhere,” Brown said on 102.5 The Bone’s Mike Calta Show in March. “Obviously to play with Tom Brady would be an extreme honor. You know his quality of leadership. You know, his [passion], the want to win. Anytime you can be around a guy like that, man, it’s an extreme honor. You know you’re going to have opportunity to do something exciting.”

Somehow, despite all his wrongdoings, it appears there is a market for Antonio Brown. It will be interesting to follow this story and see where it goes.

Brown hasn’t put on a jersey since his one-game stint with the Patriots last season.

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