Aaron Donald Was ‘Shocked’ When Jared Goff Was Traded

Jared Goff appeared to be the franchise quarterback in Los Angeles for many years to come. However, when the former Pro Bowl quarterback didn’t take the next step in his progression, coach Sean McVay and the Rams’ brass was quick to find his replacement.

Enter veteran QB Matthew Stafford. Everyone in L.A. seems to be loving the move, but how do his soon-to-be teammates feel? They went to battle with Jared Goff for the past few years, and even went to a Super Bowl with Goff under center.

Superstar defensive lineman Aaron Donals shared his thoughts on the Jared Goff trade.

“I’m pretty sure everybody was shocked with it,” Donald said on the Dan Patrick Show. “Stafford’s a great quarterback. I’m excited about having him with the team. A veteran guy that knows the game, been playing the game at a high level for a long time. It was a business decision that the Rams organization chose to make. I will always love Goff, that’s my brother forever. I guess things didn’t work out how they wanted to, so they made a change.”

It was a messy divorce for the Rams and Jared Goff–who will now take over as the quarterback for a rebuilding Detroit Lions team. As for the Rams, it’s Super Bowl or bust now.

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